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Some things remain unchanged. Ever since I received my first camera, as a Christmas gift when I was about 8 years old, I haven't been able to keep my hands off.

Now, I am a mother of two little boys and a baby girl. I am a veteran of the US Army and thus my family has moved around a lot over the past 9 years. In 2012, we finally decided to rest in the very place I was born and raised, Erie, Pennsylvania. Who knew that by the end of the year I would be starting my very own photography business?!

While I enjoy photographing most anything, I have decided that I would like to concentrate of Families, Couples and Weddings. I love candid photographs and do my best to make you have fun and feel comfortable. I do not operate an indoor studio giving me the opportunity to photograph most photo sessions with natural light, outdoors.

I think preserving memories through photographs is very important, therefore, I try to work within any budget. I do not like to see someone walk away from a consultation without booking due to not having the means to afford a photographer on their wedding day. I pride myself and my business on being affordable and available when you need me most.


Since I was 11, I've been modeling for "Crystal Ayala, Lifestyle Photography." I am 14 years old now. Less than a year ago, I decided I wanted to be more than a model, so I became to serve as  Crystal's assistant and also her second shooter. So far, I have assisted her as the second shooter in two weddings and two Christmas photo shoots. I have had the opportunity to shoot her Christmas photos on my own.

For me, I think it's really fun to do photography with me sister-in-law because we get to travel to different places, learn new things and meet new people. One day I hope to become partners with her. (:

"Photography means that you can keep your memories forever in just one little picture."

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